The Life Of A Certified Paralegal

The professional certification of a paralegal is a voluntary process for granting recognition to an individual who has attained adequate education requirements and experience. Therefore, a certified paralegal is a person who has fully updated educational qualifications and experience, and is able to assist lawyers in different legal matters. A Certified Paralegal is also referred to as a Certified Legal Assistant, who works closely under lawyer’s supervision.

The certification process is carried out by non-government entity, comprising of a Certifying Board. This board comprises of highly experienced lawyers with advanced certification on legal matters. The certification process is highly honored by both legal professionals and the employers.

A certified paralegal has the ability to handle legal duties like any lawyer, but can’t participate as a legal adviser in any court trial. But in specific court cases, this rule may be overlooked due to various legal reasons and circumstances. However, a paralegal is not allowed to carry out a legal task that involves signing of documents on client’s behalf. Also, paralegals are not entitled to set or receive any legal fees.

How to become a Certified Paralegal

  • A person looking to become a certified paralegal must consider the available credentialing bodies. There are different bodies from which an individual can obtain essential knowledge and specialty. Large legal firms are best suitable for a person who wants a career paralegal, since they offer mentoring and in-house training programs. The paralegal certification enables one to become a Certified Legal Assistant, who can work in large legal firms.
  • It doesn’t matter in some cases, whether you begin as a file clerk or a receptionist in a legal firm. It’s even better in such positions that don’t involve any direct legal tasks, but you get the opportunity to enter into the ongoing training programs offered in the firms. The training will enable you to acquire knowledge and experience that is required for one to become a certified paralegal. These firms’ trainings administer examinations in the course of training lessons. Therefore, by identifying various credentialing bodies available will help you get paralegal certification.
  • A paralegal Degree certificate is quite important for an individual to get into a large law firm, and start ongoing training programs. This is one of the eligible requirements one needs to qualify for certification examination. However, if a person holds a bachelor’s degree and at least one year experience from a legal firm can qualify to take the examination. It’s worth noting that attaining a degree through an approved program will add you an advantage since many law firms are likely to hire you.
  • Gathering adequate information from several sources that are legitimate proves that you have gained knowledge about legal matters through various academic researches. It’s also similar to the education achievements that indicate your track record as a graduate student from a college or university. Education curriculum should indicate vital lessons in regard to law, such as English and Science classes. Legal specialty training should include legal writing and research, as well as, torts, probate, and contracts class topics.

Finally, professional paralegals that need to get higher ranking must pursue certification in their legal specialty of interest. Alongside certification, one must have paralegal degree through an approved program. The paralegal professional should also work in the field of professions to acquire more knowledge pertaining to law. There is much of paperwork and research that the certified paralegals perform. Therefore, lawyers are only engaged in relatively larger legal matters. Career paralegals can search for jobs in insurance firms, government agencies, and law firms.

The Benefits of Being A Certified Paralegal

Paralegal AssistantA paralegal is a professional who has the requisite education and experience in performing substantive legal work where a supervising attorney is eventually responsible. On other hand, Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) or Certified Paralegal (CP) is the title given to paralegals in the US when they have passed the Certified Paralegal Exam and met further education and experience requirements for certification as a CLA or CP. In the United States “legal assistant” and “paralegal” are often used interchangeably

The paralegal profession has been growing faster in United states for years .It usually offers stable income, good benefits, professional recognition and job satisfaction to individuals who are uninterested and unable in investing the financial resources and time required for those attending law school or pursuing other professional careers.

Those having interest in paralegal work in corporate legal departments and law firms face the same challenge when searching for employment. How to get started and get the preliminary legal background and skill required securing a position in a job market which in spite of its relative abundance of opportunities and openings, is very competitive. Thus you need to know how to become certified paralegal in order to overcome this challenge.

First of all, what you need to become a certified paralegal is learning more about credentialing bodies. In most cases, attaining certification delegates paralegals as a Certified Legal Assistant (CLA), Certified Paralegal (CP) or other because the terms legal assistant and paralegal in most cases may be the same. You may be qualified if you have completed a paralegal’s education by going through an approved program .One can also qualify if one year of experience with bachelor’s degree in some areas. If you are presently in high school, you can check with a guidance counselor for advice on certified schools which offer paralegal training. There are a number of respected organizations providing Certified Legal Assistant or Certified Paralegal programs and exams which includes the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and The American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc. (AAPI).

The paralegal profession needs working professions in the field to get an in-depth knowledge of things as regards to the legal field. Individuals can be detail-oriented and well-organized to achieve success. Most of the work which certified paralegals level needs a great deal of research and paperwork. Paralegals often perform the tasks which can free up lawyers hence lawyers can work on larger cases. Certified paralegals perform duties such as interacting with clients, Assist in preparing cases, legal research, help lawyers in the courtroom and so on. Certified paralegals, however, can’t present cases in a court of law, set legal fees or offer legal advice.

Lastly, in terms of career, one can advance when he or she is certified paralegal . Qualified and experienced paralegals can qualify for search for several opportunities within correlated career fields, like insurance company, law firms or government agencies .Career potential can be advanced for individuals based on personal skills, knowledge, local market conditions and performance.Other paralagel may want a promotion and become a lawyer.

A Career In DUI Law

Driving under the influence (DUI) is considered a criminal misdemeanor. Millions of drivers are arrested for DUI each year. A DUI lawyer is hired to represent the arrested person in court. The court procedure can be somewhat lengthy for this kind of conviction. Generally, there are a number of hearings, including the first one at the Department of Motor Vehicles and the decisive one at the State or County Court. if you are interested in this area of law, then you way want to learn how to become a DUI lawyer.

Job Description and Skills Required

Driving Whilst IntoxicatedA DUI Criminal Defense lawyer is an attorney who has specialized in representing clients who have been charged with DUI or DWI offences. DUI lawyers are specialized in the particular DUI laws affecting the state in which they practice. Their main role is to help their client understand the charges leveled against him, recommend the right step to take and finally represent him in court. The lawyer is also expected to handle all the logistical aspects of the case.

A competent DUI lawyer will often try to get a number of the charges reduced or dropped all together early in the court process. Those negotiations happen during the pre-trial stage. The attorney may also file a motion to overrule his client’s pronouncements if arrested. Moreover, he can request an evidentiary hearing in order to determine the evidence the prosecution intends to use in court.

A DUI lawyer must have a clear understanding of the DUI laws relevant to the state in which he practices. He should also have good communication skills to help him inform his clients about their options and rights. Moreover, he should be very organized since they are a lot of evidentiary aspects to handle and have critical thinking capability to allow him to assess all the available options on the behalf of his client.


In order to become a DUI lawyer, you have to attain at least a bachelor’s degree and degree in law. All certified law schools require applicants to get an acceptable grade on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Law school offers extensive classroom training and provides students with various opportunities for prospective always to get the exposure they need to establish successful careers.

Some law schools require you to go through internship programs before the completion of the course. Many potential DUI attorneys complete clerkships or internships with firms that deal with DUI cases to get the exposure they need before they start practicing on their own. All DUI lawyers are required to gain an acceptable score on the state administered exam to become certified to practice law. DUI lawyers have to undergo regular education and training to maintain their skills and to keep tabs with changes in the industry.

Career Prospects

So many options are available for students who are keen to become a DUI lawyer. Some would like to start their own law firms; others may want to join politics. The type of law a person chooses to practice will depend on their personal preferences. However, becoming a DUI lawyer can be a great choice for you. This will depend mostly on what you want to accomplish in your career and life.

Like other lawyers, employment prospects for DUI attorneys are expected to increase by 13 percent up to 2018. The increasing population and increase in DUI/DWI cases will inspire job prospects for DUI lawyers.

Get The Personal Injury Compensation You Deserve


Each year, consumer product defects and negligence cause emotional and bodily harm to a large number of US citizens. An approximate number of 90,000 die each year from personal injuries that have been ruled to be unintentional. This is a devastating fact, but it shouldn’t be a big surprise because incidental injuries are estimated around the number of 31,000,000 on a yearly basis in the United States.

personal injury compensationMany people who have been injured don’t realize that they have the right to request for compensation if the injury was someone else’s fault. A serious personal injury can be caused by an improperly executed repair, a loose handrail, a defective consumer product, an automobile accident caused by the negligence of another driver and more. Personal injury can refer to any type of damage to the mind, body or emotions. Personal injury lawyers most commonly handle personal injury cases of medical malpractice and harm, project fault and liability, personal injuries that resulted in serious injury or death of a family member, issues with insurance companies that are refusing to pay for medical expenses, assault and battery cases, and injuries that may occur on the premises or land of the accused party.

Compensation is granted in cases when the carelessness, recklessness or intentional misconduct of another person results in injury or damage to personal belonging. Personal injury claims are commonly filed for car accidents caused by the negligence of other drivers. A number of factors attribute to negligence, including alcohol or drug abuse, excessive speed and failure to pay attention to traffic signs and signals. Personal injury can be also caused by consumer products.

In case you have been injured because of the actions of a negligent organization or an individual, the best way of protecting your rights is by hiring a personal injury lawyer. The important facts which can determine the success of your case can be easily overlooked by a person who is not specialized in the field.

The lawyer should use his or her extensive experience and ensure that his client receives the adequate compensation for the pain and suffering that was a result of the personal injury accident. A good personal injury attorney should work with his client in order to determine the cause of the fault in the personal injury claim. Some personal injury lawyers will also do more than just ensuring the adequate compensation. They will also find a good medical specialist and consult with the specialist to ensure that the payment for the medical services will be delayed until the case is completed by trial or settlement.

Some lawyers will specialize a certain personal injury field because the level of expertise that is needed is more demanding. The initial consultation with the lawyer is usually free of charge. A good lawyer will represent his clients with passion and dedication. He will take each case seriously and do everything in their power to achieve the desired results. Strong analytical and research skills are also necessary, as he will need to gather relevant data to make a strong case. Personal injury lawyers must have a strong ethics code, be dedicated to justice and also have compassion for their clients, so the clients feel comfortable around them.

Military Lawyers – Personnel Advocates


Military lawyers represent clients who are under the jurisdiction of military law and military courts. There are many military rules to follow, and because of that, military personnel may end up being charged with various offenses. As there are many regular offenses and crimes they may be charged with, there are also some special offenses that are unique to armed forces, such as desertion, insubordination or murder in combat. Military lawyers work with military personnel only, and they will represent them in both civil and criminal cases. Every branch of the military has its own Judge Advocate General (JAG), but military lawyers can work within all branches of the military, be it army, marines or navy.

Each branch will have different needs for legal advisors, some will need more, others will need less. It’s not a bad idea to check the needs of every branch if you are interested in becoming a military lawyer.

Military LawyerWhen a member of the military is in need of legal assistance, he can contact any military office that provides it. Judge advocate generals practice law in military courts – this includes court-martial, Military Court of Inquiry, US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, as well as military review.

The education of a JAG is similar to that of a civilian attorney, but he also needs to be familiar with military law. An attorney can become a judge advocate general upon entering the military, but he may also enter the military after completing his JAG education. All who have the proper education may begin as attorneys or paralegals in the JAG Corps, where they will gain the experience they need.

The specter of the duties of a military lawyer is as broad as that of a civilian lawyer, but the main difference is that it all takes place within the jurisdiction of military courts, which also have military tribunals active during wartimes. The tribunals are set up to deal with enemies during wartime.

So, what are the duties of a military lawyer? A military lawyer will advise his clients before they are brought before the court and he will handle the legal discipline of military personnel. As any other lawyer, a military lawyer also handles preparing and drafting of legal documents and he also prepares his clients for trials and hearings. He’s in charge of creating and maintaining the military handbooks and he advises commanders on international regulations and laws, both military and civilian ones. Military lawyers are also acting as councils for court martial.

A good military lawyer should have an impeccable understanding of both military and civil law – there’s much more at stake than with civilian laws. It’s important for the lawyer to know the laws by heart, as his advice and actions may reflect upon the whole branch of the military, not just upon an individual who sought out his expertise. Working under pressure is quite normal for military lawyers, but they should be able to maintain a calm composure. Communication skills are crucial as well, as they will work with both soldiers and high-ranking commanders.

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