Space Jam Flavors

The heart and soul of the e-cig is the fluid that fuels it, adds the flavor, and creates the vapor that resembles the smoke that comes from traditional cigarettes. The base for most e-cigarettes is usually made of different amounts of two substances. One is propylene glycol which is the carrier for the flavoring. The other is vegetable glycerin, which is a thick vegetable liquid. Of course, most e-cigs also contain nicotine which can be harmful to humans and pets. It is especially important to keep the e-liquid out of reach of children and pets, and for users not to spill it on the skin.

When e-cigarettes first came out, there were only a few liquids for filling them and these lacked pizazz of today’s space jam flavors. Now with the latest technology, as well as standards in manufacturing and quality control, e-juice is premium quality and the vaping experience is oh so good. E-cigs were revolutionized with the introduction of e-juice on the market in 2012. Founded in Orange County, California, space jam liquids can’t be beat for delivering the best in vaping technology and experience.

E-juice, like other e-liquids, comes in several different nicotine strengths: 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg. O mg means there is no nicotine preset. 6 mg is equivalent to extra light traditional cigarettes; 12 mg is equivalent to light cigarettes; 18 mg equivalent to regular brand cigarettes; and 24 mg is equivalent to high nicotine content cigarettes.


Space jam e-juice, made with a unique blend of fresh fruits, can be purchased in either a 15 ml glass dropper bottle or a 30 ml glass dropper bottle, all of which you can find at eJuice Farm. Understandably, because of safety and sanitation issues, the e-juice does not come with a warranty, nor can it be returned.

Several flavors of e-juice vapor products are available to enhance the vapor experience and take vaping to a higher level. A summary of each space jam e-liquid is as follows:

Space Jam Andromeda: a delicious combination of blueberries, cream, and pomegranate
Space Jam Astro: just a touch of Granny Smith apples when inhaling, followed with peach and strawberry when exhaling
Space Jam Eclipse: the taste of Cavendish tobacco with vanilla bean
Space Jam Galactica: the taste of fresh strawberries when inhaling and champagne when exhaling
Space Jam Omega: yummy vanilla, spiced peaches, and sweet cream
Space Jam Pluto: combined taste of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon, with a touch of minty bubble gum
Space Jam Starship 1: the taste of vanilla custard and tropical kiwi fruit
Venus: blended taste of roasted marshmallow with peanut butter, caramel, and just a little cream

Deciding which e-juice liquid to buy is strictly a matter of personal taste. There’s a flavor to fit every taste and mood. Wild and exotic, sweet and delicious, quiet and subtle, fruity and tangy: there’s nothing boring about space jam e-liquids!